Acuity Summer Master Class: The Art of Influence – with Joseph Riggio

Now you have an exclusive chance to meet our American partner Dr. Joseph Riggio, who together with the CEO of Acuity World Henrik Wenøe will run our Summer Master Class.

Here you will discover the keys to what makes some people confident, charismatic and compelling – and, more importantly – you will find out how to harness that kind of internal certainty for yourself.

INFLUENCE is at the heart of human interaction – from sales to seduction your ability to influence others determines the results you will get.

Date: August 7th – 11th 2017 from 10.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Venue: Acuity World, Havarthivej 6, 2840 Holte, Denmark

The Art of Influence “LIVE” Single Early-Bird Investment: Sign up before July 7, 2017:

 DKK 16.764,- + VAT

The Art of Influence “LIVE” Single Regular Investment: Sign up after July 7, 2017

DKK 19.995,- + VAT

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