Bookset EP – Volume 1+2 + Posters set

Forfatter: Henrik Wenøe, Joseph Riggio & Jesper Lemmich
Pris: DKK 719,20 ex. moms


Bookset EP – Do what you do best! Volume 1 & 2 + PLP Posters set (more than 25% discount!)

Do what you do best! (Volume 1)

In recent years, many exciting theories have emerged. All provide suggestions of ways in which to handle your leadership style so that you are prepared for the challenges you will meet in the information society. “Do what you do best! (BOOK 1)- 4 steps to personal leadership with New NLP” strikes a completely new note. As far as we are concerned, the central concept is personal leadership – the ability to lead yourself so that you are able to lead others based on the people the are

The book consists of two volumes and three parts. Book 1 contains part 1 and introduces the New NLP™ concept, its foundation and development.

Do what you do best! (Volume 2)

Book 2 consists of parts 2 and 3. Part 2 introduces the tools that are necessary if you are to become excellent at leading yourself and others; part 3 presents a range of unique methods and applications written by Joseph Riggio in which everything is brought into play!

Poster 1: Personal Leadership Spiral™

Poster 2: The Starting Point Counts!

Poster 3: Satisfaction Cycle®