Do what you do best! Volume 1

Forfatter: Henrik Wenøe & Jesper Lemmich
Pris: DKK 279,20 ex. moms


In the old industrial society a good leader was a steady hand on the tiller; a self-taught captain who mobilised both experience and professional skill to steer his company through the rocky waters that appeared at regular and predictable intervals.

This leadership strategy no longer works. The modern information society is chaotic and capricious – yet bursting with wxciting opportunities for a new type of leader with the ability and inner calm required to stand firm in the eye of the storm and navigate the ship safely into port.

In recent years, many exciting theories have emerged. All provide suggestions of ways in wich to handle your leadership style so that you are prepared for the challenges you will meet in the information society. “Do what you do best! (BOOK 1)- 4 steps to personal leadership with New NLP” strikes a completely new note. As far as we are concerned, the central concept is personal leadership – the ability to lead yourself so that you are able to lead others based on the people the are.

The material in this book is based on the experience we have gained over the years in Acuity World, teaching leaders and employees – from som of the largest Danish and foreign enterprises – the art of personal leadership with New NLP™.

“Do what you do best! (BOOK 1)- 4 steps to personal leadership with New NLP™” is for you if you wish to be successful in leading yourself and others in an ever more complex world; a world that requries quick and precise decisions and expects you to be able to maintain you abilty to take decisions, even in times of crisis.


Hvad synes vores kunder?

I am very pleased that Henrik and Jesper have asked me to write the forward to this small book. While it is true that the book is small in length it is not so small in either content or impact. I think that in many ways Henrik and Jesper have performed a bit of magic or alchemy it condensing a very large concept into a very small number of pages, while keeping all of the essential ideas intact.

After you have read this little gem you’ll know quite a bit more about the paradigm of work that I’ve developed over the last twenty or so years based on operating from a fully positive frame of reference, what my mentor Roye Fraser called an ‘excitatory bias’ in the model he developed in the early 1980s, the Generative Imprint™. What makes this work so unique and exciting is how it literally repositions the entire way of perceiving the situation, the solution and even how you define success. Instead of operating from a problem-solving model this model takes you to “where the problem is not” as I like to say.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Henrik for many years. Our connection started with a wildly successful international sales training project that he managed for the company he was working for when we met. My consulting company, Joseph Riggio International, designed and implemented the project over an almost three year period during which we developed a professional relationship that continues through today. Since that time Henrik has started his own training company, Acuity World, located in Denmark and working throughout Europe and Asia. We’ve had the opportunity to work together in various ways and I’ve seen Henrik take the positive consulting model I developed adding to it, expanding it and in many ways making it his own as well.

It is a unique opportunity to see someone connect with an idea you introduce them to and bring all the excitement, commitment and gusto to it that Henrik has, and especially to see him go on and incorporate it in the work he does with his own clients. Now as the reader you too will get to benefit from this searching and pulling together the pieces in this short book, dramatically shortening your learning curve from many years to just a few hours.

Beginning with his life story Henrik leads you to a powerful position where you will discover how to apply the tools he shares to create extraordinary results yourself, both on your own and with others.  Hopefully you won’t find yourself so engaged by his story as it unfolds that you miss the many significant points of learning that he shares with you along the way.


As you enjoy reading and learning from this book take the time to consider how impactful it will be for you to be implementing these ideas in your own life and work. It likely that you’ll find yourself wanting to read the stories you’ll find inside again and again for all the many messages they contain and as likely as that is, it is just as unlikely that you’ll extract all the value that Henrik and Jesper have distilled here in just one reading.

I’ve spent more than twenty years searching, learning, implementing, refining and developing many of the ideas you’ll come into contact with as you read this book and I’m thrilled about the idea that there is now a way to share them with many, many more people in such a delightful way. I’ll be buying many copies for my own family, friends and clients … and I’m sure that after your first reading you’ll be doing the same … for now get ready to enjoy the journey as you look forward to whom you might have become as a result once you’re crossed back from the other side.


- Joseph Riggio, Ph.D., Architect and Designer of the MythoSelf® Process