Leadership Learning Lab – Executive Retreat ST 160807

Hvor: Broholm Slot
  • Start kl. 16:00 den første dag og slut kl. 16:00 den sidste dag
Pris: DKK 42.500,- ex. moms (Ophold+forplejning: DKK 8.750,- inkl. moms til Broholm Slot))
Underviser: Dr. Joseph Riggio og Henrik Wenøe


L3 | Leadership Learning Laboratory for Top Executives

Unleash Your Full Leadership Potential!

L3 Agenda:

  • Day One – Critical Two Hour Session: Setting up your personal learning strategy. Individual Feedback and Coaching on the Results of the Pre-program Assesment Instruments for all Participants.
  • Day Two – Assessment & Personal Reflection: Developing Self-Awareness and your Professional Personality
  • Day Three – Seeing The Big Picture: Sensory Acuity, Situational Clarity and Thinking Critically
  • Day Four – Making High-Quality Decisions: Assessing the Situation, Establishing Outcome Metrics and Creating Strategic Plans
  • Day Five – Behavioral Flexibility & Resiliency: Developing Personal Resiliency, Becoming Sensitive to Feedback, Changing Direction and Taking Action
  • Day Six – Communication Performance Mastery: Creating a Positive Orientation, Building a Motivation Structure, Moving Others to Action and Maintaining Momentum, Personal Review of Updated Assesments and Plan of Action just before Closing the Program


What You Will Learn:

  • Identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as a leader, become more aware of how your personality influences your relationships with superiors, subordinates, clients, advisors and investors, organize yourself in alignment with your natural proclivities and tendencies as you achieve greater personal satisfaction and attain greater professional success.
  • Gain perspective, learn to see and think systemically, foresee reactions and consequences in the systems you operate within, and develop the ability to think on your feet situationally, as well as strategically in relation to the long-range plan and goals you’ve agreed to accomplishing.
  • Distinguish the difference between problems and solutions, identify and overcome obstacles, resolve challenges, gain greater confidence and comfort in taking risks, and build successful strategies for achieving your outcomes when facing complexity, challenging and rapidly changing conditions, uncertainty and even chaos.
  • Recognize how your attitude, communication and behavior effects others around you, take control of your personal experience, develop skillfulness in choosing and taking meaningful action, create significant buy-in, and manage internal and external politics, while producing outcomes on your own and with others.
  • Communicate effectively to create a positive direction, achieve mission alignment, build motivation and commitment to attain the outcome, and bridge the organizational gaps in the organizations you lead.


Download Leadership Learning Lab – Executive Retreat brochure here.




L3 | Leadership Learning Laboratory is for Leaders of Managers & Top Executives leading the organisation.



The summer training will be presented in English.



L3 | Leadership Learning Laboratory Promise:

Unleash Your Full Leadership Potential!

You will leave this intensive leadership retreat better equipped to handle personal and professional challenges, tackle more significant organizational outcomes, take on more risks and responsibility confidently and comfortably, and produce results with greater ease and elegance than ever before … maybe even more than you ever thought you’d be possible of creating.

This Summer Training is a 5 1/2 days’ residential program which is held in Broholm Slot – Broholmsvej 32, 5884 Gudme, Denmark


The course fee does not include room and board.  Stay and full-board at Broholm Slot at a special price DKR 8.750.- incl. VAT.  Participants have to pay to Broholm Slot directly.